Journey to Me
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2001-11-07 02:06:43 (UTC)

what a day(s)

the last couple of days have been something else, and i'm
not gonna go into details yet, but heres a rundown:

* talk with my boyfriend
* found out my shoulder is shit again

* went to Boone with my family
* went to sleep at 1030

* left all my cds in Boone
* was late for study hall
* left my keys in my mom's car

* finally talked to erin
* hung out with the guys
* found out about matt
* started rehad
* stayed up til 2am doing homework
* ate cake

* rehab
* homework
* swim
* talked to maris about boys!
* talked to Andrea

explain later, jeff's coming over to see me then it's off
to his house.

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