buffalo girl

phsycho's life
2001-11-07 01:42:49 (UTC)

:) fun is good (:

hey! i'm having a really good day even tho my head hurts. we
got all new classes today. i have good people in all of my
classes which is good cuz last quarter i only had like 1 or
2 people in every class. oh, this weekend didn't turn out as
bad as i thought it would. no, i couldn't go to chelle's
house, so i had a really bad friday night. on saturday me
and my mom went to a wake for someone that i din't even
know. then we went to the grocery store after that. we
started fighting in there, but were done by the time that we
got out of there. then i got to clean out the barn. oh yay!
lots of fun...not. on sunday chelle came to my house after
church. we had a bonfire that night. we were inside by like
8 tho cuz we got really cold. we washed our hair and then
got on the internet and started braiding our hair. we talked
to devin forever. we were actually on there till like 2:15
or somethin. it was lots of fun. he probly thinks i'm a
total psycho now cuz i was really hyper and talkin a lot. we
were up until 3 watchin a movie. we never actually got up to
my room to go to sleep....we just kinda fell asleep watchin
the movie. it was great fun. we finished our hair on monday
morning. then we went bowling. it was fun! today was a good
day. yeah. lots of fun!!!! fun is good:)