2001-11-07 01:33:15 (UTC)

from bad to worse

Well, things have been pretty crappy lately. After having
one of my closest friends stab me in the back and decide
that she'd rather hang around with my asshole ex boyfriend
(whom she had hardly even spoken to before he decided to
dump me by email while i was at school, then give my phone
number to his friend) ... now i'm having problems with
my 'best' friend who now seems more interested in spending
time with the aforementioned backstabber & her new
boyfriend (who happens to be the asshole's other friend)
and as a result spending time with the asshole himself. So
that's been pretty crappy. I mean I can't tell anyone who
to be friends with, but is it too much to ask for at least
one of my friends to stick up for me in all this?
Adding to the frustration , i've just learned that the
asshole is unhappy where he is going to school, has dropped
out, and is coming to MY school now. That prick.
Grr. The reason this all happened of course is because
today I made the naive mistake of actually realizing how
happy I was at my school and how comfortable I feel there.
Someone up there must hate me.