2001-11-07 01:20:52 (UTC)

Theater = Life

Theatre is life. I've figured that out today. Well it
started whith yesterday when I didn't wanna study for any
of my 4 tests that I was suppose to take today.

(1st period=Art)
(3rd period=U.S. Hist.)

(6th period=Music)
(7th period=Physics)
(Another kind of like test thing= 8th period=Theatre Tech

Other than that, 5th was Lunch, and 2nd period my teacher
(English) bitched at me cause I didn't have my book. I
don't mind that much though cause I did something nice for
a friend, I lent it to her so that she can have a book for
her class. (Same teacher 7th period, I think)

But after that I got some quality time with some friends,
(although non come close to my best friend over in
Callifornia.) This is where I get to the point where
Theatre=Life. You see 8th period I had to put on an open
scene, and it went great, I got so into my character it was
hard getting out. Later, I had rehearsal for Romeo Juliet
and Hamlet too. It was kinda fun. Except for the director,
Ms. Mannon, she really got pissed off at Juliet cause she
didn't show any emotion and didn't memorize her lines, even
though she was suppose to have them down by yesterday. She
said that she will get fired unless she gets this down by
todays rehearsal. The girls started talking who would get
her part if she were dropped. We've established one
conclusion = shortest girl will get the part. (Cause Romeo
is so very short.) Well I guess that's what you get when
you base your cast on looks first.
Well anyway, I'll be going now. chow!!!