the ups and downs of my life
2001-11-07 01:14:53 (UTC)

idiot guys at lunch-what should i do?

well im back and i feel not good. yesterday at school i
heard some guys talking about how they could see my
underwear b/c i was wearing low pants and then today they
couldnt see it so they were ssaying that i wasnt wearing
any they make me so mad i feel really bad but i dont know
what to do. i dont want to change my seat or not say
anything b/c then they will think they have won but i dont
want to say something and come out looking like
a......well...... u know. maybe i shoulld get home schooled
it would be so much easier ya know i mean i would miss my
friends but my goodbess sometimes guys ccan be such but
heads. and they know i hear them b/c they say it loud
enough just for me to heaaar. rrrrrrr!!! man i got my
school pics yesterday and i ook like i am on drugs(which i
aint) i dont know if i want to go through the hassle of
getting themm retaken though. hmm i guess i will have to
firgure it i have no clue what to do!! gto any ideas
cause i dont. well on a happier note my lil sis has got
shrek and i have watched it like 4 or 5 times i think i
have memorized it whicch isnt a good thing. you know i
like reading other ppls journals b/c it reinds me that i
aint the only one with problems. well thats all for rigth
now buh bye