Scarlet's Life
2001-03-20 20:21:36 (UTC)

Hey... o.k. the update me and..

Hey... o.k. the update me and Clit are goin out.. or as i
call him my Carebear... and I'm his teddy Bear.. we started
goin out last Wed. and all... I feel glad that I'm
gettingover Ben altho I still SOOOOOO miss him.. one of
my "sis" amanda is thinkin of moving about an hr away from
here.. and me and her boy and everyone is tring to get her
to stay,.... so we might kidnap her.. LoL... this Sat me
and Clit and Michelle and michelle's boy Shane all went to
sixflags it was fun... Clit gave me a yellow flower it
was soo sweet.... and yest we was at his hosue and his sis
and said that if he hurts me in anyway that he's goin to
get it..LoL... don't I feel so special.. we'll it's SPRING
BREAK!!!!!!!!!! so I'm goin to get out and finish my
tannin.. I gotta get some sun before I go CRAZY!!!!!! I
hate bein white.... well, I'll shut up and try to get back
to writing more now days I've been slackin bad!!!!!!!!!!!!