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2001-11-07 00:55:06 (UTC)

Work sux.

finally today is over with. i thought i was gonna go insane.
i woke up on the right side of the bed again, and i even got
15 minutes more sleep! my coffee was warmer than yesterday,
but not scorching hot like i prefer it. first hour (trig) i
had a test. i only glanced at the material for 5-10 minutes.
i hope i did fine. second hour (chem 2) had a lab, and let
me say it was fun. i like chemistry. if i was a genious, i
might major in it some day. but yeah our teacher almost set
herself on fire. the sad thing is, it was really funny. then
the rest of the day went, and it was ok. the only reason why
i talk about first and second hour is prolly because im wide
awake high on coffee. third hour i have government and 4th
hour i have modern us history. i like both those classes,
and my teachers are awesome and funny. 5th hour is study
hall, and depending on the amount of homework i have, i'll
either go to study hall, or down to the band room for a
whole half hour with the crappy underclassmen band, then a
whole half hour to myself, usually practicing the piano, or
my lovely trombone. then 6th hour is upperclassman band, and
then lunch. which is late in the day, and im usually
starving so bad by then. and since i have an ulcer, my
stomach is usually killing by this time. then 7th hour
comes, and mr. laird is a HILARIOUS man. its lit, and u
guessed it, it's awesome. we're watching an old movie about
some king in england or something. it's pretty funny, but
boring at times. and where we left off today promises great
humor tomorrow (french king in love with english prince heir
to throne) lol. then my favorite class of the day 8th hour
apologetics. (NOT apology...but.."defending of the faith;"
which is catholicism.) (oh yeah, i forgot. my lit teacher
has a book coming out nov. 17th and will be signing them
down in bloomington at barnes and noble. its gonna be an
awesome book! back to religion class. mr. roy is younger
than my brother, and that is sad. but he is a funny man.
he's got a beautiful wife, and two awesome twin boys. he's
prolly the deciding factor in why i went back to practicing
Catholicism. ive learned so much (combined with mr. runyon's
class last year) and its great. today was overall a "not so
bad" day at school. then i went to work. and work was bad
again. just busy, and its frustrating. and now my dad is
scrutenizing (sp?) me on my grades...(i have straight up B
's right now...) and im grounded (haha j/k!) but yeah,
supposedly my step sister carrie, did terrible on her report
card. not only do i have my bumb of a crappy brother to be
better than, i have to "set an example for carrie" ugh.
anyways, i want to see liz. she's my girlfriend. she wrote
some theorys about love, but i just think if u like someone,
and they like you, then you KNOW a relationship is gonna
work. (and who said love was complicated???) but yeah. hi
lizzy :)