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2001-11-07 00:53:09 (UTC)

im back ... you know what that means...

its been a while since ive last written here. that cus
since i last wrote until now, there hasnt been anything
that i thought i should hide from my friends so ive been
writing in my other diary. but now ... well something just
came up.

i dont have a problem at home. my home life's always been
screwed so theres like nothing new there. im used to it so
i never really notice if something's wrong or not.

oh dont have a problem with being at a new sxool anymore.
im like getting used to it now. my grades arent exactly
that great, but im passing and thats all i care about. im
talkin to more people now so of course im liking all my

i guess the problem is with my friends. what i thought
would never ever happen ... well happened. ive sooo drifted
away from them. i dont talk out of sxool anymore. i dont
phone them. i have them blocked on my messanger list. and i
barely see them in sxool. but the thing is im not bothered
by this. with ash, i choose to not phone her. i dont bother
cus shes always doing something and most of the time it has
something to do with adrian. at sxool, i actually like the
days when i work in the cafeteria cus i know i wont have to
see them during lunch and i have more fun working than
eating lunch with them. yesterday and today, i tried to not
see them during lunch (i had caf work yesterday and i went
with shivanee today), but both times, by almost at the end
of lunch, they managed to find me. i actually chose to not
see them at lunch today, but they still found me.

ive been talking to shivanee and she knows what im feeling.
she sees whats been happening. we talk about everyone
behind theyre back and put on fakes smiles around ash and
all them. its funny cus i never thought id end up telling
shivanee everything thats been going through in my mind.

right now, i dont consider anyone as my bestfriend. to me
theyre just people i hang out with, sometimes laugh with
and giggle with whatever. i dont share any connections with
them anymore.

and whats sad is it doesnt bother me....

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