The Humor in Drama
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2001-11-07 00:34:55 (UTC)

Planet planet planet

Go earth.

Go humans.

We're pretty cool.

Technology doesn't amaze me...
Strength doesn't either.

Beauty amazes me, for a moment, maybe,
and endurance and stamina are a little intriguing.

But creativity? Wow.

The fact that humans can even appreciate anything amazes me.

Simple things are great.

Hell, fundamental things are great.

I love being able to argue a point.
I love laughter.
I love understanding my own definitions.
I love that I have definitions.
I love that humans were able to make it far enough to
produce me and my generation.

Even if we do lack a message.

I like the world.

Weird. I don't remember really enjoying things that are
conventionally "fun", but when I question my own self
awareness and contemplate my creation, It's like I'm an
audience member of the best damn all-purpose drama ever

And I don't just mean my life. Other people's lives are
exactly the same in their entertainment value. Our stories
are all different, but we all have the wittiest jokes and
the best subplots.

Life is a great game...Even when you're losing, you can
always have fun. No matter what happens, each game is worth
the same to everyone.

I suppose then, those who quit the game just cut themselves
out on the rest of the fun. Pity.

Where in hell did I become such an optimist?