The Nine Faces of Dave
2001-11-07 00:14:24 (UTC)

if pockets were forbidden, we'd all wear sweat pants

I've been getting myself wrapped up in a book again. This
time it's "The Club Dumas", on which "The Ninth Gate" was
based. As with any really great book I read, it's invading
my mentality. I fear that I may start thinking like a rare
books dealer.
"The Club Dumas" has the drawback of being yet another book
I read that none of my peers at school have even heard of.
This sort of thing doesn't really do much for my social
life; most of the people I know seem more inclined to talk
about some movie I never got around to seeing.

In slightly related news, I've concluded that I have damn
near nothing in common with most people, even people I like
and would consider friends. Case in point: nobody in my
class at school has seen "Cool Hand Luke," which happens to
be one of my favorite movies. This would suggest one of
three things:
1) I'm extremely uncool,
2) Most people are uncool in a conformist sort of way, or
3) We all suck it down.