lil girl

my eyes
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2001-11-07 00:00:58 (UTC)


I acted like a bit of a ditz on Saturday... or at least,
immature. All for what.
I can't seem to find the balance between fun/playful and

So apparently he really wants my number. Rather not talk to
him on the phone... rather it be online, where I can
pretend to be enthusiastic... and conversation will not be
so forced (as it was at the party some of the time).
Beggars can't be choosers -- so I gotta stop one of the two. If
I'm willing to go for a fling w/ anyone, I can't expect
anything. If I want a relationship with a kuel guy, I can't go for a
fling with just anyone. I have to expect more. *Sigh* What to do.

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