lil girl

my eyes
2001-11-06 23:38:21 (UTC)

Life isn't generous

We are taught so early the concept of sharing... but it
never works that way in the end. We are greedy. We do not
like to share. Would you be willing to share everything you
own with another person? or two? or five? not likely... I
don't wanna go on about the pain in the world, cuz
depressing myself and the you who read have yet to read
this... just wanna say, we should be ashamed of what we
have become, as a society. Its awful. Ask yourself what is
truly important. Now, try to look at this society from an
outsider's perspective - what do we put first? Its
different from the really valuable things in life, isn't

It all comes down to status, power, and money.

When really it should all come down to family and friends -
or to get even more simple - love.

Love for those around us.
Love for strangers.
Love for ourselves.
Love of good.
Love of the earth, the life it supports.
Love of true beauty, beauty that has nothing to to with
Love of innocence.
Love of peace.


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