down in my eyes
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2001-11-06 22:44:37 (UTC)

Chocolate fanatic

My mom has been having MAJOR skin allergy problems as of
lately... breaking out in rashes..'n hives.. 'n i kno its
horrrible, cuz i've gone thru it as well. so she's tryen
desperately to get rid of it. buuuutttt.. she's decided
she's gona "change our diet plan" .. which is wut she said
earlier taday. She dug out her good ol' asian medicine
books. you kno, those asain doctors, how they believe
natural medicine is best.. 'n they even create those
horrrible smelling natural-herbal-medicine crap?.. Geezzes..
'n my mom...she's going to deprive me of one of things i'm
most dependent on... JUNK FOOD!!! =(i'll have to sneak junk
food around now. sheeezzes.. she's only maken it more
difficult for me.) 'N my mom will be maken vegetable juice
for the both of us now, everyday. she says i'm too weak now.
I personally don't beleive i am. she's also tryen to muscle
me.. bufFen me up for the AirForce, iguess.
ONe thing good that'll come out of it atleast.. is it'll
help me lose weight. i reelly need to get some of this
blubber off of me! i eat when i'm depressed... 'n when i'm
bored. ..its so pathetic.

Iguess thats y i'm so overweight now tho, huh?

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