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2001-11-06 22:42:49 (UTC)

11/06//01 (18 Days till My B-day)

Dear Diary,
Today has been even more boring then yesterday. I think the
most exciting thing I did all day today was put on my
make-up. Not to metion the fact that I have been feeling
like crap all day. That is never any fun. So I have been
either sleeping or sitting in one spot doing absolutely
nothing. And doing nothing drives me nuts. Tonight should
be entertaining because my favorite shows are on tonight.
Buffy is on at 7, then Smallville then I am going to watch
this movie called the Diamond of Jeru. Other than that my
night is going to pretty much suck.
I wish that there was someone here that I could talk to.
I don't know anyone here and all of my friends live in
either Copperas Cove or Hawaii. And I didn't really make
any friends at Madison. There wasn't really any body that I
really connected with. well I am going to go watch a
documentary on Egyptian Pyramids. So I will write again when
I get back from C.C. Later. Tara