Electric monkey
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2001-11-06 22:41:42 (UTC)

11-06-01 [grr... = ]

well the other day i typed a mega entry, it was discussing
a whole 2-3 days.. but then my comp froze, and i couldnt
save it. so that kinda sucked, and made me not want to type
in here for a while. hehehe.. anyway...
today was Tuesday. it was good. yesterday seemed like a
better day, even if it was monday. yesterday went well, i
found out my grade was a 97% in Physics, i didnt have to do
my big 4-6 minute speech, got my stained glass project
tacked and ready to solder. then i came home and made some
really old pudding with jessica. the box said 1998, and it
had a weird tent of yellowish brown, but we ate it anyway.
it left a weird taste in your mouth as well. eh... but it
was still fun fun fun... oh man.
then today, tuesday, i sat in physics not paying much
attention cause the student teacher has no clue.. and Mr
Blair is letting him teach the class this last chapter of
the term, chapter 9.... [momentum!] then in english i got
to do my speech. and i ran out of time. cause i had a video
to play, and she made me stop it, cause my time was over 8
minutes 30 seconds.... i got a 90% on that.... the i
soldered my project in stained glass and im really happy
with it. although my soldering skills are a little shakey,
and weird still. heh.... oh well, im going to patina it,
and make it look nifty and then wax it and be done. all
tomorrow. so i hope i can get that done. its due tomorrow,
eek. then i have to hurry and design a box and work on that
by the end of the term! next week! ouch.. i should get a
design ready. dum dee doo.................

well, im not really in the mood to write or anything at the
moment. ive got some german homework to do.. that ive
already started... eh....
Paco is turning me into a tagger [again]. the other day in
english he had his lil sharpies out and he was drawing his
lil RPM design thing on some stickers. so i grabbed a
marker and made a qucik design, that actually turned out
pretty cool. and he said that he showed it to one of his
freinds and they said something like "who's that? its
pretty good." haha... not.... = but yeah. now i can do
that. heheheh
i havnt played my guitar in a long long time. = sad. so i
got it out of its case a few minutes ago and played a song.
it was nice, and i had to remember how it went.
hehehehhe..... oops. i need to clean my room. it hasnt been
this messy in a long time. bleh. im just falling apart i
suppose. hehehe letting school work go.. and my room... and
not playing guitar... man o man...
alls i do is....... nothing. geez. that sucks.
Graham was mega busy today. so we arnt doing anything.
[guitar lesson, then some concert, and his physics HW] heh,
so ive heard.
i downloaded 5 songs last night. in a small amount of time,
i was happy it went fast! :
micheal jackson- billie jean
- man in the mirror
Pink floyd- comfortably numb
- Wish you were here
Ah ha- take me on

im listening to Billie JEan right now. woohoo......
well, im going to go now. talk at you later.