2001-11-06 22:37:09 (UTC)

*november 6 - day off*

yay no school today

me jel and dennis were sposed to go to allisons, and my
stepdad would drive me and dennis but then we couldnt find
alli's house, and then jel couldnt go, so me and dennis
walked to jelysa's house (45 minutes!!ugh) and walked
around wonderin what to do, and i said, hey lets go to
anthony's. so of course they had to say something, about
the pda yesterday. ah the teasin is drivin me mad lol! just
cuz i got guts..*sigh*

anyway, then we arranged to meet allison, andy and whats-
his-name, and her sister @ chris's pizza, and i decided to
go to her house so i wouldnt get in trouble. cuz god knows
what my mom would say if she knew i was all over town today!

but im still in some trouble for not calling, which is why
i must go now and do dishes. ugh. thats the price you pay

and i dint even get any smoochies! :(

*sum41 - waking up is hard to do*