my name?

my boring life
2001-11-06 21:21:58 (UTC)


nothing happened today nothing at was kinda nice
to sleep in tho... jon called.. and i talked to him almost
all day but that was cool i guess..that was about the
extent of my day...but its cool...yesterday was fun tho...i
went on with my day like the usual...didnt get caught for
skipping so that was good...i ate my lunch under the stairs
with mike. casey. and chris it was fun...then i went to
lunch again......and again like usual with mike then... we
went to study hall signed in and left the school...It was
freezing out lolz we were walking in the woods by the
school all of a sudden we see this guy, i doubt he saw us
because like he just whipped it out and started peeing it
was halerious lolz that doesnt happen was so
funny we just started laughing and he still didnt here us o
wellz....i love this song ....CALL IT WHAT U WANNA CALL IT
IM A FUCKIN ALKAHOLIC....haha wow im bored!!!