mark my words
2001-11-06 21:05:34 (UTC)

it's been awhile...

since i could hold my head up high... and it's been
awhile... since i said i'm sorry...
I love that song. It reminds me of this night at this
amazingly hot guy's house where we smoked enough to retard
me and I laid on his bed staring in wonder at his fish tank
for three hours. That song was on repeat.
But seriously- it's been two weeks since I wrote in this
thing. That's not cool. If I want to broadcast my life to
the Internet, I should do it on a daily basis so I don't
forget the tiny little significant details.
The highlights of the past weeks...
I'm still dating that guy, but I've cheated on him with
three guys... oops. I feel really really bad, but I don't
have the heart to break up with him!
I got my tongue pierced 13 days ago. My mom still doesn't
know (knocking on wood). It hardly swelled and I talk with
my mouth pretty much closed so it's really not too
visible. But if Mom found out, I'd be in sooo much
trouble. She'd make me take out all of my piercings (two
in each ear lobe, one in my left ear cartilage, belly
button, and now tongue). The thing with my tongue is that
it's so much fun to play with. It gets me through boring
class like nothing else would except possibly a powerful
sedative. I've changed it a couple times since it stopped
swelling about the third day, and I'm already ordering
hella new barbells for it. If you know of any cool sites
that sell them, let me know.
I'm listening to the song Chop Suey, by System of a Down.
I've listened to this song since July, driving around my
boring town blasting it in Tom's Montecarlo with his
amazing system. The bass would give the people in the
backseat seizures. We were listening to it in that same
backseat when I was sitting on Mark's lap and his fingers
were... yeah... until KC looked at us, started to laugh,
and Mark's amazing fingers were no more. But anyway...
we'd blast it, and Mike would do this funny thing singing
to it and moving his head. Now it's November and everyone
is starting to know and love it and think they're so
freaking hardcore. I hate when that happens because when I
have a great song all to myself and the radios dont blast
it, it's like having a secret or something. Now the
secret's out.
I'm not going to Cotillion with Kevin anymore. Doesn't
that just suck? I'm sort of upset about it, but relieved
because I found out what an asshole he was BEFORE i fucked
him. He's so hot, but a dick. What happened was so
incredibly stupid, but it ruined Cotillion. On Saturday
night, me, KC, Sarah, and Kat were driving around with
Matt. Since Lindsay and Mike are officially going out now,
she's sort of been ditching her girls for him. Saturday,
she was at his house with Tom and Kevin, and the two of
them were a little horny. They started calling my cell and
insisting that Matt drove me and KC ONLY to Mike's house,
and just drop us off there, because they didnt want to deal
with Kat, Sarah, and Matt (they don't like Matt).
Obviously that didn't work, considering that KC isn't a
huge fan of Tom anyway. Tom wouldn't drive to get us, even
though we were like five minutes from them at a pool hall
Mike lives near. Finally, they consented to get us, but by
that time we were leaving the pool hall and not about to
ditch our friends. (This all took place over about fifteen
freaking phone calls). Over thirty more calls, they begged
us to come over repeatedly, wanting Matt to take us. I
wanted to, but I couldn't have ditched my girls or Matt,
who is really really touchy. Finally, after Kevin couldn't
realize that he wouldn't get any action that night, I was
like "Look, it's not going to happen. Some other time,
okay?" When he was like "Wait!" I hung up.
Five minutes later I get a call from a very angry
Kevin. "Listen," he said to me, "you're a little bitch,
and I'm not taking you to cotilion any more." I was
like "Okay, whatever, but this is nobody's fault..." So
that's annoying
All right I'm going to go call Lindsay. Bye bye!