Blood and Chocolate
2001-11-06 20:49:45 (UTC)

Loosing a best friend !

Hey everyone !
Sup ? Not much here! ahhh !!!!! I am so upset ! Ok I will
start from where it all started :
Ok at lunch today I found out that Hui's girlfriend has
been talking shit about me !!!!!!!! She has been telling
people that I am trying to steal Hui away from her and that
I am a Bitch and that I hate her !!! Well guess what
sweetheart none of that is true !!!!!! First of all I don't
even really know the girl !!!! I have talked to her a few
times but that is it !!!! and second I don't like hui like
that !!!!!! Him and I were friends, probably best friends
atleast thats how I felt untill . . . . Today at lunch
when I went up and was talking to him about it and he
totally acted like there was no problem !!!! WTF!!! Ok this
is what I said " its nothing you did its what your
girlfriend did ! She has been talking shit about me behind
my back !! and tell her that I said if she had any fucking
guts she would say it to my face ! " and he was like " well
I am not going to say ANYTHING cause its your guys
fight !! " and I just stood there and I couldn't believe
he wasn't even going to say anything , and then he taps
under my chin ( to close my mouth or something ) !! I was
so pissed and what hurts me the most is he used to say 'if
you ever need me I will be there, you can tell me anything,
I will stick up for you no matter what .' then when the
time comes for him to say something he doesn't !!!
grrrrrrr !! So basically our whole friendship was a lie ?!
I am not asking him to break up with her or any thing like
that I am just asking him to tell her that she can't do
that to his friends , but I guess if he can't tell her that
then we really aren't friends and everything that he ever
said wasn't true !!!! We were like best friends seriously !
Like I felt like I could totally trust him with anything,
and so yea I let down my guard and told him stuff that no
one else knew about me and then he totally just urg ! I
can't even get words out to form something that would make
you all understand what I feel like ! Its just that this
is the first time we have ever faught and its all cause of
BRIE!!!!! everyone else sees what she is doing but
him !!!!!! urg !! I am so upset ! I can't believe I might
loose my best guy friend cause of BRIE !!!!!! grrrrr ! Now
I really don't like her!!!! I liked her before but now she
really is making me mad !
Next topic : DAN . I got a hug from him today ! haha ! he
is such a sweetie ! he is so omg HOT ! haha ! I talked to
him about A LOT of stuff too ! haha ! which was good and
made me feel better about some things! haha ! and Devon ( a
junior in my first hour) keeps calling me a crack head !
haha ! cause he thinks Kati and I are on crack !!!!!! LOL !
Its cause we are so hyper !!!! haha we like laugh non-stop
in first hour !!!!! and he like thinks we are funny as
hell !!! Cause IDK we are !!! haha ! wow ! turtle-ka-
bang ! I gotta bounce!