lil miss vampira

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2001-11-06 20:48:48 (UTC)

Not totally myself...

I still feel sick and i still think something is going to
happen... i just wish this feeling would go away. it feel
like my stomach is in the back of my throat. what is wrong
with me today? i guess i'll watch some tv or listen to
wow, Iggy Pop looks really strung out on something, he
looks horrible... but so do most musicians today with the
exception of the teenybopper rockers that cover their
addictions with tons of make up and sun glasses. They're
i may just go to bed and not come out til everyone in my
house goes to bed.... i dont feel like dealing with their
shit today. yeah i think thats a great idea, and of course
to turn off all the ringers on all of the phones. not like
im actually going to get an important calls... oh well
time to go do something kind of productive...

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