Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2001-11-06 20:20:56 (UTC)

Animal Crackers are Trouble

Some people are so cranky! While waiting in traffic to get
past the 4-way stop and out of school, I was eating a pack
of animal crackers. One of them looked burnt, so I threw
it over my shoulder out of Laura's convertible. Even
though it didn't even hit them (and keep in mind that this
is a freaking animal cracker, and not even a whole one at
that) the people behind us get really pissed (it wasn'[t
even like it was a nice car; the thing was a freakin' junk
heap on wheels). The guys gets out of his car and starts
yelling and making rude gestures. Then all the people in
the car start throwing stuff at us (we're in a
convertible!!!), and it was really creepy. So, since they
had their turn signal on too, when we got up to the 4-way
stop, we just kinda went straight... I felt really icky...
I really have to think before I do things. But who would
have thought that an animal cracker could cause so much

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