2000-11-13 20:26:34 (UTC)

Home Skillet, I take back what..

Home Skillet,
I take back what I said about Nick picking up some girl that was
a whore. She wasn't a whore, she was really straight edge and hardly
talked. And I'm sure that me and her had nothing in common, so I
didn't even try to initiate a conversation. But she was really
sweet, and didn't like Nick's driving. Prolly cause he sux at his V6...god, I can't wait until I get my car. My dad
bought me a jaguar as an early Christmas present. And it's a V12, so
OH BABY! I am gonna "blow" him away....(that's all the blowing he's
gonna get from me.) But everybody is obsessing over it cause its a what? I don't care.
Oh well...we were driving...and me and Jeff(who they made me come
with...there's really nothing wrong with that) well, anyways, we were
driving and me and Jeff were begging Jim to pull an "e-brake" and he
was saying how he couldn't cause he had a flat. Ane we were begging
and begging, and finally he said o.k. and we slowed down to make sure
that everybody in Nick's car saw it, and then Jim did it....and the
whole tire fell off the rim! The whole turn we were going on the
rim! It was sooo bad,,,,,,and HISTERICAL!!! But Jim surprisingly,
wasn't that pissed.
But I gotsta dip, cause i gotta make me some dinero.
*and make fun of Chad* ~PEACE~