Duffy's Love Shack
2001-11-06 19:40:38 (UTC)

Passions, I have many.

Another great drink from Duffy’s Love Shack:

SHOOTtheTUBE = Catch the Tropical wave on this giant tube
of pacific libations –rum, tropical liqueurs & vanilla….all on a
bitchin’ surfboard. $12

I’m starting today’s entry with this drink because I’m getting
pretty edgy from not drinking. Only today and tomorrow to
go, then it’s hello alcohol.

Still haven’t heard from my doctor regarding those Valium.
Oh well, I more than probably can do without.

Saying that.
Leads me to say this……..

I’m a very indulgent person. I love cooking up elaborate
dinners for friends. Dessert especially, the more decadent the
better. The same can be said for drugs and sex. I love them
all. I sort of fancy myself a female Oscar Wilde. Though a few
years back I tried to live a life Anais Nin would be proud of.
God, just writing about that reminds me of how I used to love
reading Henry Miller novels and about Paris in the 1920’s.

I’m also very drawn to passionate people. When I say
passionate I don’t totally mean passionate as in lusty, but
passionate also in life in general.
A few months back a freelance musician was working on
some music to accompany flash pieces for client of ours. He
wasn’t a very good-looking guy, he had a very intoxicating
laugh but I was never drawn to him sexually. Then one day I was
looking through some material in the empty office he had set
his stuff up in and came across this funky notebook. I opened
it up and started reading, soon discovered that this was
some sort of journal/personal notebook of his that he was
keeping in there. I couldn’t believe what I was reading….
Fabulous theories on life and sexuality, really powerful stuff
(for a guy!). I knew it was personal yet I found it hard to stop
reading what was in there! Fear of getting caught stopped
me; I put it back and left the room. But from that day forward
I privately lusted after that guy. He was poor, sort of ugly, but
in his words I discovered his passionate thinking and his
incredible creativity. Very sexy.

I must have sex on the brain; it’s those damn tropical islands
calling for me to return, soon, very soon.

One last drink description:
Booty Call – Pirates Booty that is………a garrulous blend of
bananas, Irish cream, & pina colada in a giant 22oz
swashbuckler mug. $12.50/refill $9.00

Love, Martini