losing weight!
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2001-11-06 19:20:39 (UTC)

I'm sooo ill!

I've had a bad cough/cold all weekend. I had about 500-
700cals a day on fri and sat, but I went over 1000 sunday
and monday coz I felt really poorly and sorry for myself
(boo hoo)

Anyway, not to worry. I was 13.7lbs on thursday morning so
I reckon I'll be about 13.8lbs now. I'm not gonna weigh
myself til thursday morning so we'll see if I've completely
f*k*d up then!

It's 7:15pm and up to now I've probably had about 500cals.
I'll probably have a soup later (100cals) if I'm hungry.

As soon as my throat clears up I'll do well again, I
promise! (I better had coz xmas is gettin closer and the
way things are going, I'm gettin fat(ter)!)