Tinker Bell's daily amount of goofy
2001-11-06 18:58:20 (UTC)

"Mister Sandman, bring me a dream..."

Things are pretty much crazy right now...I've been doing
so many things...but I dunno where to start a new, now...I
had to expose 2 works for different subjects, between
yesterday and today. I hope I do well, now, I really expect
a good mark. I have to do some work for Art History now
(blech); luckyly, I won't have much to do after that,
except for preparing a portfolio with all my homeworks for
Drawing Class, due tis friday. But I'm semi-free, anyway.
I'll try to finish more arts for my site, specially HP, coz
the logo's ready, and there's only one art up for that
page, right now. And I wanna reopen my site, HP Art
included. I also want to finish Kell's trigun art. I'm a
little late with that, and I really want to get out of it
soon. It looks cool right now. I've worked a lot on it;
it's an acrylic art, so I've put my biggest efforts in it.
It's very big, as well.
I donated blood today at Uni. My arm hurts a little now,
and I feel a little tired, but not much anyway. I actually
feel pretty good, which is something everybody seemed to be
pretty amazed of. They gave me juice and coffee&milk
(although I hate coffee, but they made me drink it), and
chocolate cookies and a a bit of egg salad sandwich. Most
of my classmates chickened out. Specially guys. I laughed a
lot..."brave Sir Robin ran away..."
For those who don't get the title of this message, I'll
explain it, only coz I'm feeling like taking the time to do
it: I'm reading Neil gaiman's Sandman now...that's pretty
much it. You might not sense it, but I'm walking a little
on the dark side now. See you then, and be brave, my