Empty Canvas
2001-11-06 18:57:22 (UTC)

swimming in the paint...allalalalaa

okay so my life is boring, okay i need a bf now, seriously,
im so lonely i cant stand it, chris isnt helping any, ive
given up on him, again, errrrr. why ME! hmm like well
anyways i need to do something, i want to well have fun,
like kids have fun. Hmm when class reunion comes around in
ten years i am gonna show everyone up, i am gonna change
(for the better)!! Seriously i am gonna start to work out
and change my clothes and stuff, yep i will indeed. ...i
guess i have one contuious cold tooo, i am always
sick....i need to get better and heathly, maybe if i start
eating better and taking better care of myself i will get
stronger, and better.it could happen.sorry to cut it short