my weight struggle
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2001-11-06 17:54:15 (UTC)

Feeling fat today

I woke up and spent almost an hour getting dressed coz
everything i put on made my tum look huge today. I did the
pinch an inch test and there is just this big tyre of flab
on my midriff, even though i am doing my crunches every
night. I can't get rid of it and all my excess weight seems
to gather on my tum. I just wish it was flatter. I keep
thinking of how slim i was a couple of years ago but then i
started uni and i went from a size 6 petites to a 10 and i
just feel so podgy. And i want to lose weight befor i see
him again. When we made love all i could think about was
how he was comparing my body to his exes and how unsexy and
untoned i am.
My goal weight is about 84lbs, but right now even losing
7lbs would help a lot as it is that excess that is making
me look so fat. Even to get into an 8 would be so good. It
was so depressing when i went from a 6 to an 8 and then
when i couldnt even get the 8 done up, well not without a
struggle and my spare tyre bulging over the waistband. Then
i burst them and even without the button they are just too
tight. its mortifying. I want to get back to how i was,
slim. I'd love a tiny little waist, well anything smaller
than what it isnow actually.
I could prob stand to lose about a stone, i reckon that
would take me back to what i used to be. I look in the
mirror and all i see is this bulging tum. I'd love to be
able to show it off but only if it was flatter. I'D do
anything for a tum like geri halliwell, it'S so flat and
I'm trying hard to watch what i eat but sometimes its hard.