Happy days, and then those other ones
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2001-11-06 17:08:00 (UTC)

When winning isn't everything... golf team wins 3rd gay title.

oooeeeooo i look just like billy holley, and oooeeeooo you
are mary tyler moore. i don't care what they say about us
anyways, i don't care about that.

Clean Room.
Do Laundry.
Buy Clothes.
Write Speech.
Write other speech.
Write final draft.
Finish Economics Project.
Study for Test.
Study for French test.
Learn French.
Do back homework.
Do currant homework.
Write rewrites.
Find Notable Quotables.
Shoot people (with a camera).
Add a shadow.
Do book thing.
Write College Essays.
Finish College Applications.
Mail BMG order form.
Make money.
Pluck eyebrows.
Go to Doctor.
Get Gas.
Memorize music.
Learn mannors.
Learn how to spel.
Practice piano.
Finish PIG Project.
Redo the graphs... because Danielle thinks they suck.
Write journal entry.
Eat, drink, be Mary.
Get Visa.
Harrass Mary.
Get Picture taken.
Call Dustin.
Go online.
Apply for job.
Apply for 2nd job.
Clean Room.

hmmmm.... i am busy today.

oh yeah, i have tech til 10. great. overachiever? nah, i'm a

~caroline loves dustin.


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