Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2001-11-06 16:33:41 (UTC)

It's November Already!

Gosh, I can't seem to keep up with this diary. I have
so much to do and so little time. Anyway, not much has
happened since the last time I wrote, a week ago, except
that one of our three little mice died suddenly. About a
week ago, Mindy managed to get him in her mouth, but we
caught her and managed to get her to drop him. After that,
he moved slower, but we thought he was okay. Then
yesterday, he just stopped moving. He was still breathing,
but he wouldn't really move. I knew he was going to die, so
I filled a water bottle cap with water and put it right
next to him, along with a tiny pile of food, so at least he
wouldn't have to move much to get food or water while he
was suffering. I just don't understand why he had to die. I
have two theories: 1. He wasn't old enough to leave his
mother (when I got them, the guy at reptropolis said they
were just old enough to leave their mother, and he was
still really tiny), and 2. Mindy trying to eat him last
week shook him up a little too much, and he had developed a
heart problem that killed him yesterday. It's just so wierd
that he didn't stop moving until yesterday, and then died a
couple of hours later. It seems so sudden. At least he
didn't suffer long.
Coby talked to me for a long time about Gini
yesterday. They're having problems because he calls her too
much and she always acts like she doesn't care about him. I
think he should call her every other day instead of every
day and she should always at least try to sound happy to
hear from him, even if she's super busy or in a shitty
mood. She tells him she loves him, and I think she at least
cares about him a lot, but then when he calls, she doesn't
really say anything, except that she's busy and in a bad
mood. And he feels like shit because she never sounds happy
to hear from him. But maybe she really has nothing to say,
and him calling every day makes the calls boring. If he
waited a day or two between calls, they'd probably have
more to talk about. Just an idea. I think he's going to
wait until she calls him, which I think is a good idea.
She'll realize that she misses him when she doesn't hear
from him at his usual time, and if she gets mad and asks
why, he can say that she said he calls too much, so he was
giving her a couple of days of space, even if it hurts him.
Maybe realize how mean she was being. I don't know. I love
her no matter what, but I really feel sorry for Coby. He
just loves her, and I don't think she's used to it, so
she's reacting the wrong way to affection. It'll work
itself out, they just need to talk about their problems (to
each other).
I'm so excited about my wedding! In the past couple of
weeks, we took care of so much! We bought a wedding arch,
my mom bought all the flowers, we got the invitations put
together and mailed out, we made the candle wedding favors,
we got our marriage license, and we got an officiant.
Everything's coming together. I should be picking up my
wedding dress and veil from Alex's sometime this week,
maybe even today! I'm so excited. I can't wait. This is
going to be the happiest day of my life. (I hope I didn't
just jinx it) ;)