All on the table
2001-03-20 11:49:21 (UTC)

I m sorry - I know I m whining,..

I'm sorry - I know I'm whining, but I don't have many
people to whine to, so I thought I'd impose my blue
mood on you...

I got the one roll of pictures back from the cut-short
vacation last week. They turned out rather well, I
thought - captured the beach nicely, used the early
sunlight effectively, all that.

Bring them in the house, head to the den - "Sweetheart,
I have the pictures from vacation. Do you want to see

"No," she replies, "I'm cooking right now."

Did you know that the most effective way to cook
chicken is to sit on the couch with the remote in your
hand and watch television?

Fine. Won't mention it again.

What am I waiting for? Prayers to be answered, a sign
to be given, something where God will tell me it is the
right time to leave... or tell me there's still more to do
here - and how to do it. 'Cause I've run out of ways to
work it, and the will to try, and so, so out of love.

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