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2001-11-06 16:30:17 (UTC)

Family Issues

So I know its been a while since I wrote but things have
been a little crazy to say the least. I'm in the library at
school right now and its total FOB central! I shouldn't say
that too loud though, I might get beaten up by one of them!

So last week, my date with Jeff on Wednesday was
wonderful...As soon as I got there, he called me up to the
office because he got a call from a client last minute and
was running late. We spent like an hour in his office with
two of his bosses while they were trying to figure out some
program. Of course I have no idea what they were doing but
thats ok. It was really cool seeing his office and how he
works and whatnot.

Afterwards we went to Starbucks for some coffee and hung out
in the coffee shop and made plans and just talked...we also
drove to this creepy park but left cuz it was too much like
Blair Witch. =-) We spent some time in the car just
talking and spending some QT but it was really a lot of fun
and we both went home in really good moods so thats good.

Thursday I only had one class and then I worked on a paper
and Friday I had work and did more homework and stuff. I
had so much work to do but I honestly didn't have complete
motivation to do it, so that was kind of bad.

Saturday was interesting...that was the day we were supposed
to have the family gathering at my aunts house so everyone
could meet Erica. Before we went over there, I went
shopping with my sister and I got Cathlin's birthday
present! I'm so excited about it, so I hope she likes it.

We headed over to my aunt's around 6....It was an
interesting evening. Erica and Anand's best friends...this
other couple: Raaj and Seema, were also invited. Those two
are such a riot and we had so much fun. Most of my aunts
were being stupid cuz I guess they don't approve of the
engagement and they're upset that they weren't told about it
earlier and all this crap. Then they turned on us [as in my
family] cuz they found out that Erica and Anand had already
been to my house for dinner so they were all upset. There
was a lot of stupid things said but we all tried to stay out
of it and just make Erica comfortable. After dinner was the
most fun cuz the girls sat in living room [meaning me and my
sister and cousins, Seema and Erica] and Anand and Raaj
joined us. They had the funniest stories and they're such a
great group of people...we had so much fun and befor ewe
knew it, it was already 12:00 AM! So people started heading
off. All in all, it was mostly a good night. Everyone's
supposed to come to dinner for my house soon so I hope
that'll happen.

Sunday I was so busy doing the work that I slacked off on,
but on the up side, I FINALLY got the pair of boots that I
wanted! =-)

Monday was work in the morning and classes and studying...Oh
but I went to my night class and we're all sitting
there...only to find out that the class is cancelled cuz the
professor was sick! So I called Jeff and asked him to come
up but of course he asked me to come down to Interet instead
and I did. We hung out at Starbucks [our new hangout
apparently] and then just went home. But it was good seeing
each other.

Today's just a day of two classes and then I'm going
shopping with my friend Nimra for her apartment and then
studying for my exam tomorrow. ARGH I'll be happy when its
over! I'm stalling on going to class right now because I
don't want to give my I'm going to go a
little late...shhh, hehe.