Rach's thoughts
2001-11-06 16:26:32 (UTC)

Bad things on the horizon.

Have you every just known that there is something bad going
to happen? That's how I feel today. I don't know what or
when or even to whom, but today before I go to sleep
something bad, realy bad is going to happen.
I knew that I had to just write this down as a way of
knowing that I had felt this before it happened.
It has been so calm today that trouble is just waiting to
I mean I left my ring behind today, so it had been like 15
hours since I last put it on. I can't belive that I went so
long without the calmness and quiet that it gives me. i know
that it's just a ring but It means so much more than that to
I don't think I'm going to rest until something has happened
or at least I know what has happened.
Love and Light