Little Bird

Private Babbling
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2001-11-06 16:22:03 (UTC)

Great Day!

This has truly been a strange day!

Last weekend I went to a clinic and auction at an Arabian
farm in central IL. It was so good. It truly made me re-
evaluate my training and opinions on fellow trainers. I
realized that I am affraid of Comet. I don't know why,
other than he was a little bit of a hand full when he was
younger. Also, it didn't help that I rode him w/my broken
hand and came off a couple times.

Since I've been back I've been working him the way I would
work an older horse, giving him more trust and rewards. He
is responding wonderfuly!

I wrote to Mike Neal, a champion Arabian trainer in WI, and
thanked him for the clinic. He wrote back saying he would
like to handle my colt!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!! Well, if I had the
money the horse would be there right now!!

An hour later, my lawyer's asst. called and said that she
has a pay stub from the Ex!!! WOOO HOOO!! Money dropped
into my lap!

I am also waiting for the car accident money to come

This is going to be a great year. I am totally focused and
dedicated now!

While is Central IL I felt a bond with the land. I'm
considering moving there. I spoke to a couple people at the
clinic and they said I should apply at U of I since I am
already a registrar.

I'm so excited!!

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