The Sarchasm Chronicles
2001-11-06 14:58:00 (UTC)

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall... Who has the biggest Ego of them all?

Here's a good chuckle for you...

I was talking to SYBIL on the phone the other night - we
were having a good conversation, not fighting or arguing or
anything - and at the end of the conversation I asked she'd
like to meet for breakfast or dinner sometime soon.

There was this reeeeeeally long pause... it was like I put
my hand out for a handshake and the other person was just
staring at it.

Kind of jokingly I said "Whoa! I guess I have your answer!"
and her response was...

"Well, I just don't want you to get your hopes up."

I swear to God I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing!
How big of an ego does she have???

At that moment I realized I was pretty much "over" her.

I was just trying to be friendly and recognize the past we
have together... she must think I'm sitting at home mooning
over her everyday!

Truth is, I had JUST walked in the door mere SECONDS before
the phone rang... I still had my jacket on!

I had gone to the comdey club with some friends -- she
barely caught me at home! :)