I am Pam, hear me RoArr....
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2001-11-06 14:55:48 (UTC)

two cities away....

two cities away

every morning the sun rises
sweet and kind in pure silence
I would love to see your dawn
but you wake up out of my reach

in your heaven two cities away
you're an independent boy
of lust and desire
of change and fire

it's a paradox and makes no sense
but your sky is beset with frozen stars of coolness
these cross your way every second day
to prove your face or to check what's told

in your cave two cities away
I've been there with you, too
of course it was your outside I saw first
but I showed you what's inside my self

you're more than just a source of light
sweet warmth and endless happiness beside
tragedies and deep thoughts build your life
I tasted a glass from your serious water
and it made me a happily staring addict

my sun sets just two cities away
but the stars ignore my sad addiction
the moon is bound to be nothing without its sun
and my sun used to set just two cities away from my heart