My Life
2001-11-06 14:52:35 (UTC)

The Note

Ok so I got a reminder that I haven't writen in a while
sorry.Been busy reading instead of writing. Also been busy
trying to look for a wedding dress patteren for the sis-in-
law. They finally decided that the wedding will be July 13
2002. Mom is going to make the dress. Know if they can
decided where or what time. She wants it to be at dusk but
in Minnesaota dusk is 10pm. That's kinda late to have our 5
yr old out, let alone to have a rep. after that. They will
be leaving the next day for Canada. I guess that's were
they are going to try living for awhile. We'll see what
happens that could all change between now and july. The
kids are finally getting better no more fever. Thank good
ness the 5 yr old dosn't have it as of yet. We'll keep our
fingers crossed on that one. More later

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