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2001-11-06 14:28:27 (UTC)

I give it a week

So, here it is, yet another attempt at getting myself off my
ass and do something slightly interesting.
As said in the topic, I give it a week. I have a chronic
problem with losing interest quickly.

Anyways, since this is the very first entry, I should tell
y'all a bit about myself. As if you care right?
As if anyone is reading this right?
I live in Japan
I have a wife who is 7 months pregnant
I teach English to Japanese students

hmmmm I guess thats all there is to it.
Lets talk about today shall we? I went to the 3rd day of
training at my new teaching job. This is the 3rd school Ive
joined since I came to this country 5 years ago. I do
believe I mentioned something about losing interest. Im not
a bad teacher, and the Japanese people really are as kind as
anyone can be to strangers...its just I get tired of the
same place/face/class day in and day out.

Wait the fuck a minute... I have to sit back and think about
WHO this diary is really for. If its for the reader then
If its for me, then its THERAPUTIC. Shit, I cant make up my
mind just yet. Just in case however:

Dirty joke of the week:
A man walks into a whorehouse with only 5 bucks to his name
and a hardon for some pussy.
He asks the madam if there is anyone he can ride for just 5
measly dollars.
The madame looks around gestures him closer and whispers
"room 6"... She grabs his money and cackles as she guides
him to room 6.
The man feels he may be getting ripped off, so he manages to
getdown on his hands and knees and peer under the door for
any bad surprises.
To his delight he see the most beautiful woman with her
shapely legs spread wide open resting reclined on the bed.
The man jumps to his feet, opens the door, rips off his
pants, leaps on the woman and gets down to business. 45
seconds later he cums the hardest he has ever came in his life.
Panting and sweating he whispers in the womans ear "baby,
that was the best lay Ive ever had" only to realize that cum
is dribbling out her ear hole. In horror, he quickly climbs
off of her to see that cum is pouring out all of her
orifices! He screams in terror, and runs out of the
whorehouse with no clothes.
The madam watches his leave her establishment with a grin.
She calls to her janitor "Harold, the dead one is full again".
Well, I hope you enjoyed that
Im off to have sex with my pregnant wife now.