2001-11-06 14:26:17 (UTC)

Tuesday: 8:16 am

Dear Diary:
I do not remember if I posted my entry here.
If I did not forgive. Sometimes I forget to leave
an entry somewhere.

First, HoneyBear called me last night and Iwas taking a bath to check on me. He called me on Sunday as well. He is so sweet.

We are going to start a diary or journal together over at Opendiary, so everyone can read it accept when we do not want them too.

We will not allow notes though and I have to show him what to do on the 16th. But not until we go
out and get our pictures taken together.

Honey in my eyes, is cute. He reminds me of Rodger
in Huntsville, Alabama. Anyway, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I am mean I am not a raving beauty queen, myself.
I am just lucky that is all.

I was born an ugly duckling and always compared to my adoptive sisters, one was older and one was younger. It hurt me.

Honey and Rodger were a similar age. Both had charm and were cutie pies. They were both sweet as sugar and all.

Rodger is married now to Leanne, a girl he met
through the computer dating service. She is blind.
She is missing on how cute he is.

I consider that anyone get Honey or Rodger gets a good catch and should thank their lucky stars.

Hope Leann treats Rodger well. And I still can not understand why Honey-Bear's ex wife divorced him
and did it sneaky and underhanded.

Marriage is a strange institution. It is meant for some and not for all though.

I met my Honey-Bear via the internet and a discussion group over at MSNTV under SOUL2SCREAM.
That is where I met Eric, Carolann, and Christina
and Stephan.

All of them have remainded my friends. I am grateful and I met Lucy and Tim at another discussion group. I am grateful for their friendship.

Well each and everyone have a nice day.
Love, AmericanIrishRose
Karissa Anne