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2001-11-06 14:19:11 (UTC)


Hello again! I am in a really good mood and listening to
some really up beat and energizing music. I know i don't
write as often as i should and i am sorry about that. Well
i had a descent day yesterday. My boyfriend called and we
talked for a while until he had to go. If i don't have a
car that runs descently by my birthday next year he is
going to buy me a car that does. I told him not too and he
just dismissed that. Its sweet that he wants to do
something like that for me but he doesn't have to and he
knows it. Also, my friend from ohio called last night. She
used to go to my school but then moved down state with her
mom cause she was tired of living with her dad and step-
mom. So now she goes to a big-ass school in Toledo and
learning how to speak Japanese. She also has a crush on my
boyfriend(one of them and this one she dated at one time.).
One thing you should know about me is that i don't have a
straight boyfriend. If they are a guy and a friend i hang
out with they are considered my boyfriend. So don't get the
wrong idea about me when i say "one of my boyfriends". I
just hang out with different guys. Nothing serious though.
ANyway my friend from ohio is coming up for a visit around
Christmas time. So i will get to hang out with her for a
while then. WEll i am out of things to write about so good