What's on my mind
2001-11-06 14:01:06 (UTC)

The dreaded fight with my sister.

For a while now I have been avoiding a topic that really
pisses me off with my sister. As said in an earlier
journal entry my sister is in love or she thinks she is
with one of my friends of about 20 years. She had dated
him before and I semi supported her though I had told her
that he would screw her over and he did by sleeping with
one of his old girlfriends. Now that she is going through
her second divorce she is now latching back on to this
guy. He is an ok guy for a friend but he his an alcoholic
and can't keep a job. He also has a pretty bad temper.
I've seen him hit people that he knows because they
wouldn't stop arguing with him. Granted he hasn't done
anything like that in a while doesn't mean he won't do it
again. Exspecially when he is drunk. I don't know what to
do. I told her that she shouldn't be dating any one for at
least a year because she keeps getting into bad
relationships but she has this lifeforce therapist that
says that she can date whoever and whenever she wants. I
hate her therapist. I don't believe in that whole charma
crap. I will not support this relationship. But my sister
is so blinded by love she see's this guy as a saint. I say
he is an alcoholic and she say's he is not he is trying to
cut down on his drinking and that he only went out drinking
twice this past week. That is because he has been out of a
job for the past three months and doesn't have the money
from the new job that he just got yet. I just get so angry
that she can be this stupid. She is ruining her life and
falling into greater debt. Worst of all she is blaming
everything on our parents. She blamed the first marriage
on our parents because they wouldn't let him move in with
them unless they were seriouse about marrying each other.
The second she blames them for giving them the money to pay
for the wedding while she was having second thoughts about
it and didn't tell anyone. She also says that she married
the last guy because mom and dad said that no one could
love her because she was fat. That is a lie. My parents
do nothing but support us and let us do anything that we
want to. I just wish that my sister would get over herself
and grow up. She is thirty and is acting like I did when I
was sixteen. Well all bets are off now. If she moves in
with this guy I will never talk to them again. I can't
bear to see her screw up her life like this. My parents
have to be her parents but I don't have to be her brother.
I have been supporting her through everything and she turns
on me because I finaly speak out against one of the guys
she likes. I wonder how she will blame Mom and Dad for
this one.