Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2001-03-20 08:42:31 (UTC)

Hey, Ok I am still single, but..

Ok I am still single, but after doing alot of thinking
about that i don't care! I can go out and pull whoever I
wana, and that rocks!
I had the flu last week so i was a bit depressed, but I'm
over it now and I've started to feel really happy over the
last couple of days until last night. I came home and ha d
a REALLY long letter from my friend Siobhan who lives in
London, I haven't had a letter from her since xmas so it
was a nice suprise! I missed her so much that i decided to
write back straight away! On about my fourth page my mum
said that "If you wat to watch your hair you better get in
the shower now or they'll be no hot water left" so I hide
the letter in a box in my bedroom and have a shower. As I
come out of the bathroom after, I see my sister and she
says to me "what you guna do about your face then if it's a
mess" It was something I had writen in my letter, which
means she had read it. It made me *so* mad!!!!! It wasn't
addressed to her and it had aload of private stuff in about
my ex and Chris e.t.c which was none of her buisness! I
ended up crying through anger, there was no point in
telling my mum coz she wouldn't care, I couldn't kill my
sister (as much as I would have liked to) and I didn't know
what to do. She kept coming in my room after teasing me
with what she had read, and all I could do was push her
out, then my mum had a go at me for being violent to my
sisters and said if I carry on she won't let me come down
the caravan to Challaborough at easter, but to be perfectly
honest I would love not to go! She'd probably make me stay
with my nan which is fine, coz thats closer to all my
friends anyway, I could go to the 6th form party which I'm
guna miss, and I'd be working so therefore earning money,
and I wouldn't be stuck with a over protective mum and 2
b*tch sisters. The only thing which really p*ssed me off is
how my mum had a go at me for being violent without even
bothering to find out WHY I was being like that!!! And my
sister is still guna tease me about the contents of that
letter which were NONE OF HER BUISNESS!!!!!! Anyway if
anyone has any advice on what to do with 2 b*itch younger
twin sisters without killing them or damaging them in
anyway, please let me know.