**My L!F3...$huX** L0L
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2001-11-06 12:20:47 (UTC)

Im a Slave for you (Britney)....acckkk

Im juss listenin to this song @ work right, and like, its
got a real cool beat to it aye? I dunno, maybe its her way
of telling people to stop treating her like the lil half
brain twit that she is...??!!?? lol, but yeah, it's got a
good dancing beat to it. As for the video... (???) WTF is
up wiff dat? LoL

Anyways, I juss finished catching up with one of my long
time friends Richie, he's been back in NZ from Aussie for
like... 2 months now and i haven't even seen him yet! Oops!
Well, I was talkin to him, and you know how Missy sed he
liked me quite awhile ago? Well, he just told me that his
friend Dwayne had a crush on me as well! hehehe, dont ya
juss LOVE hearin stuff like that? And they tell me
now!?!?!?! Anyways, I had a good catch up with him (via
msn but his girlfriend came in so he had
to go! HA!

Theres this guy called Ethan (no, nothings going on, hes
just a friend of a friend of a friend) and i was mockin him
and he went all sulky on me!! Whatta CANT HANDLE aye? lol,
you think guys can just HIT you with a comeback, but no,
not this one! LoL, anyways, i juss found out he likes my
friend, whos going out with his best friend!! yeah, well,
Angel has to sort that out herself... GOOD LUCK TO HER!!!

Anyways, I got a message from Dark Angel and she was givin
me sum advice about Caleb and Damon. She sed that if I'm
having doubts wiff Caleb then... yeah, maybe my feelings
for him's not that strong. I like him to the baddest, it's
just I feel guilty coz Shay likes him as well and doesn't
know ANY of this is happenin (between Caleb and me)
Anyhow, Missy sed that I should stop putting people before
me and go for it, @ngel sed that as well. Sooo, yeah, if
he does ask me out (or WHEN he has the ballz to do it!) Im
ready to say yes, you know... just to try it out or
sumfin. I sed in my last entry that my feelings for Caleb
is starting to wear out, really, its not, im juss
frustrated and angus that all this bullsheeet had to come
along with it!!

As for Damon.. well, he juss might be up to his lil playa
tricks LoL, hes that kinna guy, so I'm not even gonna look
at him or fall for it, even tho he is quite cute and has a
BuTT you can stare at for AGES!!! LOL So hes a NO-GO for
me. HeY, I might even just have this whole thing with
Damon COMPLETELY WRONG! But just in case I'm right, then..
yeah.. thats wut I'm doin!

I Gotta Bounce tho... See Ya'll LaterZ!!
**NeSiAn_QwEEn** signin out

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