Borrowed Light
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2001-11-06 11:08:39 (UTC)

happy tuesday

i think since all that icky confessions business is out of
the way i can tell you about my day. its not really that
happy a day but i still like the sound of the
title..telling my story didnt really do much, but i feel
good now someone knows everything...

i was talking to my mum for the first time in a while today
and discovered she cant rent a house in qld because of a
screw up on her record saying she owes $900. it isnt true
because we werent even living in the house they reckon we owe the
money to at the time (we never lived there!) they reckoned
we didnt pay the money and the real estate we were with
confirmed that we payed all our rent on time...but they cant correct
it, so my mum is considering going back to tasmania (can you believe
it?) i kinda hopes she does though because i love that house down
there, its my sanctuary, it would be so good to go there on holidays
and stuff...but i can safely say this time i will not i repeat will
not be going with her. shes all cut now because i want to stay here
with my dad, and she thinks i will hate it. i might, but i would much
rather stay here...i dont like upseting my family but i want to be
happy, is that so unfair?

well corey was feeling bad about himself today but he said
i helped to make him feel good so now i feel good :-) one
big happy cycle! so anyway not much to say cept no one is
going to be there to support me on saturday! maybe thats a
good thing. corey, joe, bob, todd, ash and pretty much
everyone wont be there! oh well im sure they will all be
there in spirit or whatever, and i know i will be thinking
of them all....oh well i just cant wait till sonfest that
will be so fun to dance at. my family is not even coming
for my first time on stage with the jammin girls, but my
family sux like that..im sure ill be fine, maybe ill bring
a school friend or something.

todd was talking to me tonight and i found out katrina
hates me and jennie..she thinks im to close to todd and
jennie is a threat because she "stole" ash from kel! can
you believe it? she actually said to todd to stop talking
to us or pick between her and us...thats really harsh i
think, fair enough she can be a lil jealous but she should
trust him right? anyway he said he doesnt want to have to
make that decision so he is just not telling kat that he
talks to me, i said secrecy is bad, and that its
understandable if he chooses kat, but he doesnt want to. i
was very honoured, he said "i can tell you stuff like this,
that i couldnt tell other chicks without them getting all
defensive" i think i must just be different to most chicks
then...i think kat is waaay to overprotective of him, but i
dont want to screw up a good relationship, so like it or
not i have to take a step back. i cant help it if i can be
friends easier with guys than girls, and its not like im a
slut or anything...geeze!

anyway im going to go and try and finish this poem that
corey seems to think is good.

well goodnight everyone and have a happy tuesday!


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