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2001-11-06 09:46:29 (UTC)

total change in mood...

all of the sudden i just feel sad and a pest to my
friends... i dont know why, maybe its because i dont think
i really bring anything good to a conversation, hell in
some cases i dont bring anything good into their lives..
scratch that... my life.... i worry too much, really i do.
i try not to, but all it does is build up and become worse
then it all explodes in one big tear-fest.
im such a strange little girl... people seem to figure me
out within a few days/weeks... and for my entire 16yrs i've
been trying to figure out myself and i fail everytime. how
is it everybody else figures me out yet i cant even figure
out the simple things in my life (ie certain choices, etc)
right now i feel like shit.. i dont know why, maybe from
lack of sleep. im also annoyed and feel somewhat used, dont
ask me why, but i do... one minute im all happy go lucky
and now i feel like shit ran over 3 or 4 times... ugh this
music is depressing. i feel sick to my stomach.. something
isnt right... not with me but with someone/something else,
i can feel it... i think im going to be sick :(
now is the time for me to try to get some sleep hopefully..
maybe things will be better in the morning.. i doubt it.. i
may as well cancel my plans for tomorrow.. man i have this
strange feeling something bad is going to happen.. ugh time
to try to sleep...

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