Screaming Cathedrals
2001-11-06 09:29:54 (UTC)

Another Night at IHOP

Yes.. that's what tonight was.. just another night at
Actually... we went to see Monsters INC. tonight as well.
It was a pretty good movie. It was funny and all. I'm just
glad I didn't have to pay to get in..haha.. it's good to
have the hook up. :D
It looks like Jon is coming down with this cold I've had
for the last two weeks. He's held off from getting it up
until now.. I thought he was immune.. I guess not.
No one else in Hickory is. I swear April and I got the
whole fucking city sick.. I even heard this guy on the
radio that was just coming down with it as well.... and I
was just like... "HA! I've infected you all!"
I'm glad I'm finally getting over it.
Stephie came down tonight... she and Ryan seem to be
getting along pretty well now. I really hope things work
out between those two. Ryan really needs to finally get
into a relationship with a good person. He's been dicked
around enough already.
Jon and I stayed at Eugene's house last night. It's really
awesome that he lets us stay there when we want to. Jon and
I really need that break every once in awhile to be able to
spend time alone together. It's really awesome, though,
that Eugene has been this generous. Not many people will
invite people they hardly know to come over any time and
trust them there. It's appriciated lots.
The asshole came by work the other day and dropped off some
pictures that I had left at the old house.. and he took the
liberty of finding the only picture with Jon and I in it
and writing "The bitch and her bitch" on the back of it.
I went up to him and told him how uncalled for it was for
him to write that, being that I always treated him well and
he knew it... and during our brief conversation the
funniest thing happened..
He looked over at Jon, kind of chuckled and said, "fake me"
and this just struck me has hilarious being
that since he's been skrewing around with Jackie.. he's
changed from the "uber gothie guy" to some kind of preppie
thug mix...THING... and it just struck me as funny that he
would say that anyone ELSE was fake when he has so
obvioulsy changed himself to impress her.
That and I thought it was funny that he wrote "the bitch
and her bitch"... being that by the looks of him he's the
one that's been made into someone's bitch... *cough cough,
jackie, cough cough*
Ah well... if it makes him happy not to be himself.. then
he should go for it. I guess if I were him I wouldn't want
to be myself either. I mean... who WOULD want to be him.
It's pretty bad when your existance is so horrible that you
don't even want to be you anymore.
I'll be so glad when I get to move away from here. Some of
the people here make me want to become a homicidal maniac.
Where's NNY when you need him?