lil miss vampira

My life story of being a manwhore
2001-11-06 09:02:37 (UTC)

Another boring entry

Today was strange.. after only getting at the max. 5 hours
of sleep, i woke from a dead sleep at like 7 and i've been
going ever since and here it is now 3:39am.. boy do i have
some stamina or what?? hehe... I also got to talk to 4
people i havent talked to in forever.. Justin, Jeremy N.,
Dustin, and Alison... it was like old times.. Me and Justin
making fun of Dustin while he keeps repeating his lame
little comebacks and studdering then Alison sitting there
with her finger up her ass being a fucking mime and Jeremy
N. poping in and out of the convo switching from one line
to the other and his entire convo is based on "hey.. whats
up... whoa its Lizz.. i thought she like died or
something.. ugh.. hold on"... thats the ol' germ sperm for
ya... its strange how time sometimes doesnt change a thing
in friendships.. Justin still "loves" me (blah to that)
Dustin is still trying to get with me (sorry Dust.. i dont
date younger guys especially ones that have a squeaker
voice than i have) Alison is still just.. Alison.. and Germ
still makes me laugh my ass off with the Germ Sperm
laugh..... ahhh.. good times i tell ya.
Thanks to muh Jermy-poo that reminded me to write another
entry *huggles* now if you could only do the germ sperm
laugh like jeremy n.... lol jk you're perfect the way you
are ;)
Ugh.. tomorrow is probably going to be exactly like today..
long and strange..... lucky me, hopefully im going to get
my package ive been expecting... its 2 months late.. damn
Why is it most women are bitching during that "certain time
of the month" and im all happy and bouncing with energy???
its weird i tell ya'!
Oh well... on to thing that actually MEAN sometimes (which
i tend to write about time to time)... Im still confused on
what i want out of life, out of friendships, out of
relationships, etc... my life is way too confusing at times
and i get caught up in one thing and forget about
everything else for a minute, then it throws me all off...
that mostly applies to friendships and whatnot.. sorry to
my friends.. it may seem im ignoring you, im not meaning to
im just being my ditzy self and off on cloud 9 like
usual... but once again... sorry please forgive me.. then
of course there's those moments where i just have to escape
from it all and just sit down and have "me" time, if i
didnt do that i've wouldve gone postal a few hundred times
and everyone would hate me.. i just need time to regroup my
thoughts and clear my mind alittle of all the junk that
goes through it. OK well im now running out of things to
talk about (thats just how my pathetic little mind works)..