2001-11-06 06:57:23 (UTC)

homecoming, yay

k, so homecoming weekend has past, it was really fun. So
friday, I went to the HC game, where, of course, our team
was crushed. The floats were rockin, we got 3rd place, how
lame is that..And Christine C. didnt win, aww...Oh well, we
left after the halftime show, there were lots of fireworks,
which i thought was interesting, it was like 2
minutes...thats prolly where all of our star testing crap
money went..hehe..so we head to harbor house, and Kat
parallel parked (yay.) So we got food, and yeah, that was
fun. Nick couldn't come, cuz his parents got mad at him
for driving with me, even though his mom let him...eh,
whatever. So saturday, the big night. We go to the
Flyer's, take pics, la la, everyone's all dressed up and
whatnot. Me? yah, my rockstar tie, dark grey shirt,
slacks, and, to top it off, the jacks. woo. K, anyways, go
to the aliso brewery, and eat, gee, its expensive. like
323 for all of us. So we head to the dance, oh, rocked out
to weezer, pinkerton, yeahhh. El Scorcho, my fave. I
think it was Felix's favorite song too, yeah. Rockin out.
The dance was fun, Di and I rocked out during the slow
dance and did a little bumpin with Erin and Aaron. Hehe,
that was fun. Diana's a stellar gal. It was blazing hot.
So we went back to the Flyer's, kinda watched MI2, and then
Kat and I went to get cards, that was a mission. we were
bored, and wanted to play spit, oh and I crushed her,
twice! ahahhahaha, SOK SOK SOK! Ahem, right. So, then it
was just Erin, Alexis, Felix, and I, and we played BS,
Thunder and Lightning (yay) til like 5, and watched like
spanish TV, ha. Slept for 2 hours, and went home. Hee, my
mom was so mellow about it, she didn't even get mad or
anything when I came home at 8 the next morning, yay.
Yeah, so, HC weekend. Rockin.
Yay, my sis is coming down this weekend! Stoked!

Ellie, my monkey, has a bell on its butt. Just FYI.