Damsel in Distress

2001-11-06 06:46:56 (UTC)


well, i had a huge crush on tony in janruary, for like 6
months which was until june. he had a gf after i started
liking him. tonight, he just confessed that he likes me and
has all along. he said some incredibly sweet things. he is
so gentle and a wonderful person. he is not the smartest
person, but he makes me laugh and he makes me feel good
about myself and about life. he wants to take things really
slow, which i like, but he doesnt plan on getting serious.
i do want to try to have something with him. am i crazy for
liking him? am i crazy for wanting him? he is just so sweet
and he doesnt want sex. he is a great person, and i think i
want him.
-damsel in distress