A Private Place
2001-11-06 05:31:13 (UTC)

A Look at Life in General

As a person who deals with anxiety and anxiousness often in
life, I am still learning some things about control and
constant check of my world around me. I've noticed that I
have coome a long way in life in the past couple of years,
but emotionally I still have difficulties taking things too
personally or to heart. When I take things personally or
to heart my heart itself feels like it has been ripped out
of my body by some super force and stomped on until my
heart was nothing. Today of all days, I had personally
experienced something, that really hurt my feelings and I
just wanted to cry for the rest of the day. I was not the
best person to talk to really and yet I did not want to be
alone in my place to dwell on the personal experience in

Now with things on the mend in my life - my heart is back
in my body and pounding away keeping me alive - I find
myself ready for bed for the night now. Whew, what a day!