A Private Place
2001-11-06 05:23:11 (UTC)

It is one of those days that..

It is one of those days that nothing can really be in the
title of a journal entry. I have days that I just need to
write and get things off my mind before retiring to bed for
the night or going on with my day. Not much has been
happening lately because I have been not feeling well and
thios week has been the first in days I have been feeling
pretty good. Last week I had some kind of flu or cold
virus that seemed to wipe me out completely and my world
felt like it was coming down to a crashing end. lol I
hate being sick and constantly on the watch so I don't get
sick again after all the sickness passes away. It is
definitely flu season and it is definitely winter here.

Today has been somewhat busy for me. I wasn't home all
day...thankfully. After being cooped up in my apartment
last week for a couple of days - a week has passed before I
really left my place really - I thought I was going to go
nuts. I feel like a caged lion in her cage at the circus
or zoo wanting to get out and I am not afraid of small
places like an elevator door closing and the elevator can
only hold 15 persons up to so many pounds.